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Carrie Reffitt

Carrie Reffitt

Producer of Black Sheep Bleat & Creator of Sexual
Visual Storyteller at Cat Pants Media, Marketing Consultant at 6 MINT Marketing

This is my passion project. Providing a space for sexual "others" to share their story and their vulnerability. People's ability to be vulnerable with others actualizes liberation, empathy and vital dialogue. My cup runneth over.
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Eli Marsh

Eli Marsh

Interviewer Extraodinaire

We are beautiful in our various expressions of gender and sexuality. There is no shame in this. As humans we are sexual beings, a fact that is too often ignored or exploited. There is a need for this platform on Sexual Difference to educate, build community and encourage dialogue about how we understand and express ourselves as sexual beings.
Rebecca Vipond-Brink

Rebecca Vipond-Brink

Workshop Facilitator

As a long-time advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, I am extremely happy to lead constructive discussion on non-binary gender.
Nikki Nigl

Nikki Nigl

Workshop Facilitator
CEO: Chief EmpowHERment OfficeHER, ABOUT WOMEN

EmpowHERing other people through conversation is my thing. It's what I do.

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