Why is it so hard to talk about sex?  

It produces anxiety and fear inside of me.

I struggle with cultural guilt with regards to sex.

I am afraid of hostility or anger from others if I bring up the topic of sex.

I feel ashamed and seem to internalize that shame.

I don't know how to express or communicate my feelings.

I don't have the language to adequately communicate about sex.

Even though sex and sexuality is a BASIC HUMAN IDENTITY and FUNCTION, sex-negativity prevails in our culture.

Exploring the topics of sex, sexuality and all its intersections is EMPOWERING and can
facilitate in the understanding of SYSTEMIC and SOCIALLY REPRODUCED INEQUALITIES.

Jump out of your comfort zone.
Take a Sex-Positive Workshop.

Topics Include:

Gender Identity

Sexual Fluidity




New Media


Sexualized Bodies

I'm a human being. Nothing human can be alien to me.

Maya Angelou/Terence

Sex-Positive Workshops Serve:


For non-profits that serve various communities such as adolescents, teen mothers, or young adults. Can also be utilized as employee training programs or organizational diversity development.


For Middle Schools, High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.

Individuals/Small Groups

For personal development, small group workshops can be arranged for friends and families or once a group reaches 4 or more individuals.

The Workshops Are:

  • Conversational Style
  • Contain Group Exercises
  • Utilize Concepts for daily life
  • À la carte as 90 minute sessions
  • 4-part 75 minute series (recommended)
  • Best when limited to 30 participants

What does our hyper sexualized culture tell us about sex? What do we actually learn from porn? Why do we keep faking orgasm? How is it that I am either a slut or a prude? What is Intersex? These workshops are designed to ask provocative questions that facilitate educated discourse empowering participants to communicate openly about sex and sexuality.

About the Facilitator

4 Sessions - Topic Breakdown

Male vs Female + Masculine vs Feminine + Heterosexual vs Homosexual + Good Girl vs Bad Girl = Binaries we hate loving.

The world is easy when we can make everything black and white. Guess what? There's a whole lotta gray out there. Learn how to get the equation right and why it matters.

Vajayjay. Muff. Kitty. Hoo-hoo. Beef Curtains. Snatch. Lady Bits. Flower.

No matter what you call it, there's a reason we struggle to call it what it is - A Vagina. Explore the cultural narrative about women's bodies to understand why vaginoplasty is the fastest growing plastic surgery in the United States. There is penis talk as well, so this workshop applies to all.

Masturbation. Sex-Positivity. Orgasm. Consent. Masculinity.

Understand how our culture is sex-negative even though sex seems to be everywhere. Explore the reasons behind why women are faking it and how it affects masculinity. Determine when yes means no and no means yes.

Relationships. Serial Monogamy. BDSM. Forms of Non-monogamy. Communication.

Breaking down the various ways one can get it on and communicate openly about needs and desires.

Clients & Testimonials

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